Cowboy Country Television

Journey into the heartland of the West with Cowboy Country Television...

The sense of adventure, excitement and lifestyle that is at the center of the Canadian West comes to life in Cowboy Country; a half-hour television series, drawn from the pages of Canadian Cowboy Country magazine.

Hosted by artist/rodeo entertainer Ash (CrAsh) Cooper, and filmed on location in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and the northwest United States the seven seasons (91 episodes) were filmed from 2005 through 2008, but the stories are as relevant today as they were then as we celebrate the western lifestyle. Cowboy Country recognizes century and heritage ranches; you’ll learn about the famous and legendary characters in our classic profiles, Trailblazers and Living Legends. You will tour beautiful homes of the West, marvel at the craftsmanship of Western artisans and experience rodeos, cowboy gatherings and real western events.

You can also join Ash, along with Barb and Dave Poulsen in the Cowboy Kitchen as they serve up some great recipes and a little “Food-tainment” in each episode.

Whatever your taste, whatever your style Cowboy Country Television has something for you!

At the heart of it, Cowboy Country reflects a lifestyle and a culture that's entertaining, exciting, interesting and engaging. "Real Ranches, Real Cowboys, Real Life" is more than just a motto, it's a true reflection of the sometimes humorous, often dramatic, and always fascinating lives of people whose contribution to the West is as permanent as a brand. Thanks for Watching!