Cowboy Cookin' Recipes

Through all Seven Seasons of the popular TV Series Cowboy Country, the Cowboy Cookin’ segment had just 4 basic rules… Is it simple to make? Are ingredients readily available? Is it tasty? And lastly, can Ash and Dave mess it up?

Inside Cowboy Cookin’ you’ll find out about some of the behind-the-scene antics that went on during the filming of the cooking segments, and thanks to our viewers, show guests, Cowboy Country Television host Ash Cooper, and his cooking co-horts Barb and Dave Poulsen; 91 incredibly tasty and simple to make recipes.

Appetizers, Soups and Salads, Pizza and Pasta, Stews and Chillies, Side Dishes and even Jambalaya await your appetite. From fast ‘n easy Casseroles like Slumgullion to Ash’s mom’s addictive Saskatoon Pudding you’ll find how the West was fed.