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Heart Attack Potatoes
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Old West Jambalaya
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Sour Cream Pie
Brown Creek Ranch Breakfast Burritos

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Don’t Mess with Texas Steak Bob Tallman

“A recipe so simple even Ash Cooper can’t mess it up!”

Bob Tallman

First and foremost, start with good quality steak.

Use Bob Tallman’s Steak Spices (available at Select Retail Stores and
(Ash says to use Cowboy Country Seasoning) Available at 800-943-7336.

Cook on Barbeque at LOW Heat

Keep steak moist with Becel Spray Margarine or similar

IF YOU MUST… add a dash of (Cowboy Country Barbeque Sauce) your favorite Barbeque Sauce… but good steak doesn’t need it (According to Bob)

Bob Tallman’s Favorite Potatoes
(Bob Says No Secret Here)

Method# 1
Cut up Potatoes, Carrots, Onions (and whatever else you like for vegetables), season to taste (with Bob Tallman Spices), add Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Butter or Margarine, double wrap in tin foil and cook for about an hour on the barbeque.

Method# 2
Cut up Potatoes and Onion and sauté in Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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