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This is an Ugly Burger named aptly for its creator, Ol' Ugly.

I was brought up on pork and beans, bologna and homemade bread. To this day I enjoy a good toasted bean sandwich with a thick slice of fried bologna and ketchup on that homemade bread. But people make fun of my eating habits and I had to disguise my food in polite company. So I just added a hamburger and a few onions and peppers. It became known as the Ugly Burger. But I gotta warn you, don't eat more than one of these if you are sleeping in a tent or bunkhouse unless the other people in there are unarmed and smaller than you.
My best advice is that the eating of this should not be attempted unless you are cowboy/cowgirl stock who spends plenty of time outside and well away from open fires.
1lb / 500g of ground beef
2 slices of bacon fried and finely crushed
1 can of pork and beans (heat and set aside half the can of beans).
Man's hand full of onion finely chopped
Man's hand full of jalapeno pepper finely chopped
1 egg lightly beaten
Woman's hand full of cheese crackers finely crushed
A touch of chilli pepper

For the Rolls:

4 large rolls and they should be either cheese or onion rolls.
4 slices of fried bologna (you, know, you just can't get good bologna anymore)
Sliced tomatoes, lettuce, a few slices of pickle, cheese slices, mayonnaise, ketchup

Mix all the patty ingredients thoroughly. Divide this mixture into four balls of equal size and mould into four patties.
Cook on medium heat on the BBQ or on the grill until the patties are cooked to your preference and the redness is gone from the meat.
Split and toast the rolls. A squirt of Ketchup on the bottom and two spoon fulls of the pork and beans, that has been set aside, a slice of fried bologna, a slice of cheese and a hot Ugly patty. Top it with mayonnaise, lettuce, a slice of tomato, pickle and the top half of the roll. Grab your favourite can of fizzy pop and a way you go.
Don't throw too much jalapenos and chilli powder in this mix unless you know somebody at the volunteer fire department. This could make your toes curl up so tight in your cowboy boots they will have t come out with the jaws of life to get your boots off.

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