A E Cross -
Rancher and one of the 'Big Four' founders of the Calgary Stampede.

Airwolf -
Verne Franklin's multi-champion bucking horse

Al Stohlman -
Renowned leather craftsman and author.

Andy Russell -
Outfitter turned conservationist advocated for wildlife.

Anna Chevalier -
Canadian diving horse rider who performed all across the West.

Antone Boitanio -
Working cowboy from the Cariboo.

Bert Sheppard -
Well respected cowboy, rancher and partner in the OH Ranch.

Bill Peyto -
Banff National Park warden and guide.

Bill Twan -
Respected cowboss on B.C.'s massive Alkali Lake Ranch.

Bob Nolan -
Canadian-born singer, songwriter, actor and a founding member of the Sons of the Pioneers.

Bud Cotton -
Cowboy who oversaw Canada's first herd of rescued bison.

BX Stagecoach Line -
B.C.'s top-notch stagecoach line.

Carl Olson -
Canada's first world champion bronc rider.

One of Alberta's oldest radio stations.

Charles Noble -
Farmer and inventor of the Noble plow which slowed and often eliminated erosion.

Charlie Russell -
Famous western artist.

Chunky Woodward -
A department store magnate who was a cowboy at heart.

Clem Gardner -
Rodeo champion, rancher and chuckwagon driver.

Commissioner Wood -
RCMP officer and founder of the Musical Ride.

Crowfoot -
Famed Blackfoot chief.

Cyclone Smith -
Williams Lake area rancher and founder of the Williams Lake Stampede.

David Thompson -
The greatest explorer and surveyor in all North America.

Don Remington -
Rancher and founder of Alberta's Remington Carriage Museum.

Duncan McEachran -
Veterinarian who established contagious disease-control programs.

Earl Bascom -
Famed bronze sculptor who made rodeo safer with his inventions.

Elizabeth Greenhow -
Astute and successful B.C. cattle rancher.

Elmer Jamieson -
Rancher turned guide and outfitter.

Eric Harvie -
Oilman whose philanthropy founded Alberta's Glenbow Museum.

Father Lacombe -
Father Albert Lacombe founded missions in Alberta.

Father McDougall -
Early Canadian missionary.

Florence LeDue -
Trick rider and fancy roper.

Gabreil Dumont -
Métis leader

General Pilsner -
Johanson brothers famous tame brahma bull.

George Lane -
Rancher and one of the 'Big Four' founders of the Calgary Stampede.

George Normand -
Multi-award winning chuckwagon driver.

Geraldine Moodie -
One of the few female photographers of the pioneer years.

Gordon Bell -
Enterpreneur and founder of the Three Valley Gap ghost town.

Grant MacEwan -
Glenbow historian who wrote Alberta's cowboy history.

Guy Weadick -
Flamboyant cowboy and trick rider who helped organize the first Calgary Stampede.

Hank Pallister -
Brand inspector and author who published a history on brands.

Hans Richter -
B.C. horseman and rodeo legend.

Harragin Sisters -
Canada's first female guides in Jasper National Park.

Harry Hargrave -
Beef cattle and sheep research scientist, extensionist, and agricultural adviser to the U of Alberta.

Herman Linder -
Alberta cowboy who won 22 championships; including 12 All Around titles.

High Chaparral -
Saskatchewan-born bronc inducted into Canadian Professional Rodeo Hall of Fame.

Isabella Miller Haraga -
Famed horse trainer who 'turned and burned' the barrel racing world.

James Sanderson -
Early frontiersman, rancher and trader.

Jerome & Thadius Harper -
Founders of the Gang Ranch in B.C.

Jerry Potts -
Métis guide who saved the NWMP from disaster.

JH Necklace -
The Gang Ranch-born mare turned bronc inducted in the Canadian Professional Rodeo Hall of Fame.

John & Oliver Jeffries -
Americans who brought in the first sizable herd of cattle to B.C.

John Innes -
Early artist who literally painted his way across the Canadian West.

John Ware -
Born a slave, John Ware became Alberta's most famous cowboy.

Johnny Boychuk -
Emerald Lake and Canmore guide and outfitter.

Kenny McLean -
Canada's most decorated rodeo cowboy.

Kootenai Brown -
Buffalo hunter who became the first park warden of Waterton National Park.

Lloyd Dolen -
Rancher, rodeo stock contractor and cowboy poet.

Louis Riel -
Controversial leader who was later hung for treason.

Margie Linthicum -
Rancher and first female cattle judge at Agribition.

Midnight -
The most famous bucking horse in the world.

Nettie Ware -
Daughter and famous black cowboy, John Ware.

Paddy Cripps -
Rancher, wife and mother - but mostly rancher in B.C.'s rugged Cariboo.

Pan Phillips -
Enterpreneur and rancher in B.C.

Pat Burns -
Rancher and one of the 'Big Four' founders of the Calgary Stampede.

Pete Bruised Head -
Renowned native cowboy and widely acknowledged as the first man to ride famed bronc, Midnight.

Pete Knight -
Famed cowboy who was the first to ride Midnight in a professional competition.

Ralph Loosmore -
Rancher, trainer who expertise included his famous Belgian horses.

Ron Glass -
Horseman and multi-championship chuckwagon driver.

Sam Steele -
North West Mounted Police officer whose legacy lives on.

Seager Wheeler -
Canada's most famous farmer and author.

Sen. James Gladstone -
First Nations senator - elected to the senate before Natives had the right to vote.

Sitting Bull -
The famous war chief who bested Custer.

Slim Moorehouse -
Teamster who drove the famous hitch of 36 in the Calgary Stampede parade.

Stu Davis -
Early Alberta cowboy singer.

Tom Dorchester -
Multi-champion chuckwagon driver.

Tom Lauder -
Multi-champion rodeo cowboy and chuckwagon driver.

Tom Three Persons -
First Nations bronc rider who won the first Calgary Stampede.

Val Haynes -
B.C. horseman and rodeo legend.

Verne Franklin -
Rodeo stock contractor who unleashed the likes of Transport and Airwolf.

Wildhorse Jack Morton -
Rancher, chuckwagon racer and 'the most admired man' on Alberta's early range.

Wilf Carter -
Canadian yodeller whose career began in the Rockies.

Will James -
Artist and author who homesteaded in Saskatchewan.

William Ogle -
Rancher and first president of the Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association.

William Roper Hull -
Pioneer rancher, entrepreneur, land developer and philanthropist.

WJ Oliver -
Famed photographer who chronicled the early years of the West.