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Carl Olson

Carl Olson was born in 1914 near the village of Fir Mountain, Saskatchewan where he lived until his mid twenties. His mother died at a young age leaving Carl, his dad and three sisters behind. Carl worked for neighboring ranchers and found he was a pretty fair hand on a horse. His cowboy skills lead to competing in local rodeos followed by a move to Alberta in the late thirties. He competed in Steer Decorating and Steer Wrestling and he rode Saddle Broncs.

When the Cowboy’s protective Association was formed in 1945, the forerunner of the the CPRA, Carl was Canada’s very first All-Around Champion and was also the Dominion’s first Champion Saddle Bronc Rider.

He followed with another Canadian Championship in Saddle Bronc Riding in 1946.

He was the World Champion Saddle Bronc Rider in 1947 with an astonishing $8,765 in earnings from that event alone. This accomplishment made Carl the first cowboy to win a Canadian title and a World Championship.

Carl went out in style when he won the 1954 Southern Alberta Circuit Bronc Riding title then announced his retirement.

When he left the arena he moved to Sweetgrass, Montana where he operated his own business.

Carl Olson was inducted into the Canadian Rodeo Hall of Fame on November10, 1982 and died the following year.

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