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Jack Morton

He was literally larger than life. 6’4, a tower of pure muscle and mischief. Wild horse Jack Morton loved horses and he wasn’t particular about who’s brand it wore. It’s been said that he stole as many horses as he bought, but he also gave away as many as he rounded up, outfitting homesteaders with not only teams but often a wagon, harness and a milk cow to feed the kids.

He grubstaked more cowboys, and provided more entertainment and bedevilment to the courts and the police than any other man in Alberta.

By 1919 his holdings had grown from a 160 acre homestead to nearly fifteen thousand acres of crop and grazing lands.

His wild and western exploits involving feats of nearly super human strength and unbelievable stunts with broncs under saddle and in harness are legendary. Guy Weadick gave Jack Morton credit for creating the Calgary Stampede’s world famous chuckwagon races.

His generosity and flair for making but not saving money caught up with him and in 1926 the banks seized his horses and land. He was called the toughest, most fearless, generous and strongest man anybody ever knew. Anyone looking for saintliness would have been disappointed, but if charity covers a multitude of sins, Jack Morton should emerge spotless. He died in 1944 after suffering a stroke while on horseback near Strathmore, Alberta.

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