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Marjorie Linthicum

Marjorie Linthicum was one of first women in Saskatchewan to become a full partner with a written contract in a ranch with her father and two brothers, Carl and Jim, in 1959
She married Frank Linthicum on October 22, 1960 - they had five children: Louise, Laurie, Murray, Melody and Neal.

When a Canadian Wheat board official told Marjorie she was not allowed to sell grain to the wheat board because she was a woman and women were not allowed quota books, the elevator agent took the official to the ranch and proved that Marjorie indeed was a rancher and she got her quota book.

She was the first woman to judge the Commercial Cattle Show at the Canadian Western Agribition in Regina in 1993.

Marjorie and her husband Frank were inducted into the Saskatchewan Livestock Association Honor Roll in 1997.

Marjorie could spend a whole day riding horseback, , mending fences, working cattle, bailing hay, and then get back to the house to prepare a delicious meal and even have time to do the ranch bookkeeping.”

Marjorie presented her views in favor of ranch life for the Grasslands National Park Hearings at Killdeer in 1976.

Marjorie Linthicum died in 2003, a true Trailblazer in the Canada’s cattle industry

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