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Season 1

Episode 1
Artist - Ben Crane
Trailblazer - John Ware
Cowboy Way - Women of the Range
Homes - Kwasnicki Home
Cooking - Cheyenne River Ribs
Destination - Bar U Ranch

Episode 2
Artist - Kelly McRae
TrailBlazer - Chunky Woodward
Cowboy Way - Patty Lund
Cooking - Billie's Branding Roast
Living Legend - Dale Montgomery

Episode 3
Artist - Michelle Grant
Trailblazers - Tom Three Persons
Profile - Dave Shields
Cooking - Paper Sack Apple Pie
Destination – Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump

Episode 4
Artist - DC Lund
TrailBlazer - Herman Linder
Cowboy Way - Ranch Rodeo
Cooking - Bowl of Red
Living Legend - Hugh McLennan

Episode 5
Artist - Kim Taylor
TrailBlazer - Grant MacEwan
Profile - Dinwoodie Brothers
Cooking - Chicken Wings

Episode 6
Profile - Remington Carriage Museum
TrailBlazer - Sam Steele
Ranch - OH Ranch
Cooking - Jean's Beans
Homes of the West - Reesor Ranch

Episode 7
Profile - Lucasia Ranch
TrailBlazer - Earl Bascom
Destination - The Cowboy Trail
Cooking - Prairie Oysters
Profile - Bill Borgwardt

Episode 8
Artist - Dave Poulsen
TrailBlazer - Sitting Bull
Ranches - Quilchena Ranch
Cooking - English Brown Stew
Cowboy Way - Cowboy Church

Episode 9
Profile - Sports Medicine Team
TrailBlazer - Pete Knight
Cowboy Way - Cowboy Benevolent Fund
Cooking – Bull Rider Pie
Profile – Welsh's Saddlery

Episode 10
Artist - Vern Elliott
TrailBlazer - A E Cross
Destination - Reesor Guest Ranch
Cooking – Happy Trails Salad
Artist - Traditional Cowboy Artists

Episode 11
Profile - Cowboy Poetry
TrailBlazer - Wilf Carter
Artist - Corb Lund
Cooking - Scratch My Back Cookies
Destination - Royal Alberta Museum

Episode 12
Ranches - Moorhead Ranch
TrailBlazer - Gabreil Dumont
Profile - Day in the Life Ash Cooper
Cooking - Chuckwagon Biscuits
Destination – Lucasia Guest Ranch

Episode 13
Homes - Bean House
TrailBlazer - Florence LeDue
Destination - Remington Carriage Museum
Cooking - Western Hash
Artist - John Schnurrenberger

Season 2

Episode 1
Artist: Troy Fischer, Silversmith
Trailblazer: Kootenai Brown
Profile: Mike Copeman, Rodeo Photographer
Cooking: Mexican Green Chili
Homes of the West: Paul & Kristin Van Ginkel, The house that Kristin Built

Episode 2
Cowboy Way: Marlene Wilson, Contract Cowgirl
Trailblazer: Antoine Boitanio
Profile: Doug Richards, Jimmy Richards, Billy Richards, Jill Richards
Cooking: Lucasia Ranch Breakfast
Artist: Bernie Brown, Boot Hill Gallery & Gift Shop

Episode 3
Artist: Al Owchar, Luthier, Calgary, Alberta
Trailblazer: George Lane
Profile: Duane & Cheryl Daines,Diamond D Ranch, Innisfail, Alberta
Cooking: Taco Salad
Homes of The West: Dee Butterfield, Ponoka, Alberta

Episode 4
Artist: Gary Fjellgaard, CCMA Hall of Fame Inductee
Trailblazer: Clem Gardner
Homes of The West: James and Kristen Horvath
Cooking: Tastes Like Fried Chicken, Chicken
Profile: Tom Bews, Longview, Alberta

Episode 5
Artist: Dale Auger
Trailblazer: Jerry Potts
Profile: Shawna Blades-Bird & J. Manerd Bird, Cowboy Country Clothing
Cooking: Jump N’ Kick Dip“
Profile: Joe Braniff, 10 Time CRA Announcer of the Year

Episode 6
Profile: Scott Byrne
Trailblazer: General Pilsner
Artist: Eli Barsi
Cooking: Lil Cheddar Meat Loaves
Destination: O’Keefe Ranch

Episode 7
Living Legend: Coyote
Trailblazer: Bill Peyto
Destination: Great Canadian Barn Dance
Cooking: Hat Creek Buffalo Stew
Artist: Don Brestler

Episode 8
Living Legend: Winston Bruce
Trailblazer: Midnight
Homes of the West: Tom Bews
Cooking: Bar C Ranch Style Wedges
Artist: Shane Seib

Episode 9
Profile: Lenore McLean
Trailblazer: Johnny Boychuk
Cowboy Way: Resch/Rempel Brothers
Cooking: Stonehill Ranch Chili
Artist: Tale Spinners

Episode 10
Destination: Aust General Store
Trailblazer: Geraldine Moodie
Artist: Latigo
Cooking: Barn Beans
Profile: Pro Champion

Episode 11
Artist: Thurston Gang
Trailblazer: Will James
Profile: Lori Gordon
Cooking: Bar U Secret Ribs
Homes of the West: O’Connor

Episode 12
Cowboy Way: Bob Kaufman
Trailblazer: Bob Nolan
Living Legend: Bob Robinson
Cooking: Buttermilk Biscuits
Destination: Rolyn Hills

Episode 13
Artist: Brett Kissel
Trailblazer: Airwolf
Profile: Dee Butterfield
Cooking: Cow Patty Cookies
Ranches of the West: Indian Gardens Ranch

Season 3

Episode 1
Destination - Historic Hat Creek Ranch
TrailBlazer - Pat Burns
Profile - Connor Creek Collection
Cooking - Y Cross Ranch Roast
Artist - Paul Van Ginkel

Episode 2
Artist - Dave Longworth
TrailBlazer - Paddy Cripps
Ranches of the West - Rockin' P (Blades)
Cooking - Haywood Farmer Steak
Profile - BBQ by ME

Episode 3
Artist - Rae-Lynne Robertson
TrailBlazer - Harry Hargrave
Destination - Mountain Meadows
Cooking - Marie's Casserole
Cowboy Way - West Block Round-up

Episode 4
Profile - TJ Bews
TrailBlazer - Bert Sheppard
Artist - Don Loewen
Cooking - Hamburger Soup - Jennifer Bird
Ranches of the West - Burgess Ranch

Episode 5
Profile - Tom Goodchild
TrailBlazer - Senator James Gladstone
Homes of the West - Lenore McLean
Cooking - Saskatoon Pudding
Artists – Myrol

Episode 6
Artist - Shannon Lawlor
TrailBlazer - Jerome & Thadius Harper
Destination - Merritt Walk of Stars
Cooking - 3D Spaghetti
Profile - Lynn Jensen

Episode 7
Profile - Lakeland Rodeo
TrailBlazer - Louis Riel
Cowboy Way - Smoky Provost
Cooking - Marinated Steak
Artist - Doris Bircham

Episode 8
Profile - Frontier Western Shop
TrailBlazer - William Roper Hull
Destination - Big Bar Guest Ranch
Cooking - Carrot Pie
Artist - S. Sgt. Robbie Robertson

Episode 9
Profile - Big Muddy Outlaws
TrailBlazer - David Thompson
Artist - Esther Nagel
Cooking - Wild Bill's Potted Cabbage
Homes of the West - Bernie Brown

Episode 10
Cowboy Way - Lakeland Feedlot Cowboys
TrailBlazer - Bill Twan
Profile - Nicole Weasel Bear
Destination - Western Town Movie Lot
Cooking - Braised Ribs
Profile - Western Gunfighters Stunt Club

Episode 11
Destinations – Royal Alberta Museum – Southesk
TrailBlazer - Father Lacombe
Homes of the West -Rae-Lynne Robertson
Cooking - Chocolate Peaks
Artist - Heather Beierbach

Episode 12
Destinations - Auditorium Hotel
TrailBlazer - "Wildhorse" Jack Morton
Artist - Wendy Risdale
Cooking - Choritzo Cheese Dip
Profile - Dave Elliott

Episode 13
Artist - Willow Creek Forge
TrailBlazer - Andy Russell
Homes of the West - Flewelling Home
Cooking - Ash's Outrageous Ribs
Cowboy Way - Battle of Little Big Puck

Season 4

Episode 1
Artist – Bob Kaufman
Trailblazer – Don Remington
Horse Sense – Jay O’Jay
Cooking – Brown Creek Breakfast Burritos
Destination – Little Beaver Creek

Episode 2
Homes of the West – Heaven on Earth
Trailblazer – Kenny McLean
Cowboy Way – Calgary Stampede Rodeo 101
Cooking – Sour Cream Pie
Horse Sense – Hugh McLennan

Episode 3
Artist – Mike Puhallo
Trailblazer – William Ogle
Profile – Olsen Silver
Cooking – Beer Butt Chicken
Cowboy Way – Dodd’s Branding

Episode 4
Homes of the West – Blair Vold
Trailblazer – Verne Franklin
Horse Sense – Livestock Protection
Cooking – Out West Jambalaya
Destination - McDougall Church

Episode 5
Cowboy Way – Tough Enough to Wear Pink
Trailblazer – Anna Chevalier
Artist – Gina McDougall-Cohoe
Cooking – Slidin’U Berry Salad
Cowboy Way – Wine Glass Ranch

Episode 6
Profile – The Ranchman’s
Trailblazer – WJ Oliver
Ranches of the West – Gang Ranch
Cooking – Heart Attack Potatoes
Destination – Kamloops Steam Train

Episode 7
Destination -Pincher Creek Gathering
Trailblazer - Guy Weadick
Artist - Dallas Arcand
Cooking - My Greek Chicken
Profile - Calgary Showriders

Episode 8
Profile - Calgary Art Auction
TrailBlazer - Eric Harvie
Artist - Stewart McDougall
Cooking - Chicken Fried Steak
Horse Sense - Little Bits Therapeutic Riding

Episode 9
Profile - Cardston High School Rodeo
TrailBlazer - CFCW
Destination - Meadow Springs
Cooking - Santa Fe Black Bean Stew
Homes of the West - Noble

Episode 10
Cowboy Way - McIntyre Ranch
TrailBlazer - Hank Pallister
Artist - Allen Sapp
Cooking - Bar C Pulled Beef

Episode 11
Artist - Niki Moran
TrailBlazer - Isabella Miller Haraga
Destination - Fort Whoop Up
Cooking - Ropers Ham & Cheese Ball
Profile - Allison Brock

Episode 12
Homes of the West - Henri DeGroot
TrailBlazer - Stu Davis
Profile - Alberta Boot
Cooking - Bob Tallman Steak
Destination - Big Valley Jamboree

Episode 13
Horse Sense - Jonathan Field
TrailBlazer - Ralph Loosmore
Artist - Terri Mason
Cooking - Stall Shavings Pie

Season 5

Episode 1
Trailblazer: Duncan McEachran
Homes of the West: Don Brestler/Alkali Ranch
Cooking: Carol Perfect Peach Pie
Cowboy Way: Bar U Polo

Episode 2
Artist: Arnold Mosley
Trailblazer: BX Stagecoach Line
Horse Sense: Equine Dentist
Cooking: Cream Cheese Chicken Enchilada
Cowboy Way: Medicine Tree Ranch Rodeo

Episode 3
Artist: Ash Cooper
Trailblazer: Bud Cotton
Horse Sense: Canadian Horses
Profile: Vold Jones Vold Auction Market
Cooking: BBQ Bison Ribs

Episode 4
Trailblazer: Lloyd Dolen
Homes of the West: Pekiski (Bob Spaith)
Destination: Bert Shepard Library
Profile: Sport Chassis Trucks
Cooking: Hawaiian Cowboy Beans
Cowboy Way: Mounted Shootists

Episode 5
Artist: Allen Christie
Trailblazer: Tom Lauder
Destination: BC Cowboy Hall of Fame
Profile: Nez Pearce
Cooking: Classic Cocoa Cake

Episode 6
Artist: Calgary Art Show
Trailblazer: Tom Dorchester
Horse Sense: Yoga
Destination: XH Buffalo Ranch
Cooking: Maricopa Poppers

Episode 7
Artist: Metis Jigger
Trailblazer: Father McDougall
Profile: Daines Family/Dennis Halstead
Cooking: HA Ranch Creamy Sausage
Cowboy Way: Freeze Branding

Episode 8
Artist: Gord Colliar
Trailblazer: Slim Morehouse
Homes of the West: DePoali Home
Horse Sense: Born 2 Buck
Cooking: Bob Tallman Peppers

Episode 9
Artist: Shannon Luyendyk
Trailblazer: Charles Noble
Horse Sense: Equine Massage
Destination: Fort Steele
Cooking: Whiplash Chicken

Episode 10
Artist: Wanda Whaley
Trailblazer: Necklace
Homes of the West: Gang Ranch Home
Horse Sense: Barefoot Farrier
Cooking: Cowboy Country Conchas

Episode 11
Artist: Henri De Groot
Trailblazer: Nettie Ware
Horse Sense: Stone Raven Ranch
Destination: Fort Walsh
Cooking: Cathy’s Morning Fruit Salad

Episode 12
Artist: Todd Korol
Trailblazer: Pan Philips
Horse Sense: Hypo Allergenic Horses
Cooking: W.O. Mitchell Pancakes
Cowboy Way: Frontier Shootist

Episode 13
Artist: George Canyon
Trailblazer: Harrigin Sisters
Profile: Chuck Hayward
Cooking: Cowboy Pizza

Season 6

Episode 1
Artist: Horse Crazy
Trailblazer: Commissioner Woods
Homes of the West: Cooking Home
Profile: Mel Hyland
Cooking: Honey Mustard Chicken

Episode 2
Artist: Gena Lacoste
Trailblazer: Cyclone Smith
Homes of the West: Lawrence Ranch
Profile: Don Wudel
Cooking: Butter Tarts

Episode 3
Artist: Jay Contway
Trailblazer: High Chaparral
Destination: Kamloops Cowboy Festival
Cooking: Chocolate Chip Cookies

Episode 4
Artist: John de Jong/Ed Brown
Trailblazer: James Sanderson
Destination:South Thompson Inn
Cooking: Mountain Man Breakfast

Episode 5
Artist: Jordan Straker
Trailblazer: John Innes
Homes of the West: Young Home
Profile: Mark Elliott
Cooking: Slumgullion

Episode 6
Artist: BJ Smith
Trailblazer: Charlie Russell
Cowboy Way: Bosals
Destination: Paradise Retreat
Cooking: Yam Brulee

Episode 7
Artist: Chelsea Cunningham
Trailblazer: Al Stohlman
Homes of the West: Milford Home
Profile: Key Ranch
Cooking: Cajun Crackers

Episode 8
Artist: Nona Foster
Trailblazer: Hans Richter
Profile: Logical Furniture/Miss Rodeo Canada
Cooking: Garden Pie

Episode 9
Artist: John Stone
Trailblazer: Crowfoot
Destination: CM Russell Museum
Homes of the West: MM #13 Bragg Creek
Cooking: Pork Chop Onion Rice Back

Episode 10
Artist: Cowboy Celtic
Trailblazer: Elizabeth Greenhow
Profile: Guy Murphy
Cooking: Hot Chocolate Cake

Episode 11
Artist: Jennifer Mack
Trailblazer: Margie Linthicum
Cowboy Way: Rocky Ross Tipping Table
Homes of the West: Butler Barn/House
Cooking: Jenny (Broccoli) Salad

Episode 12
Artist: Ol Ugly
Trailblazer: Ron Glass
Horse Sense: Horse Therapy
Profile: Jerri Duce Phillips
Cooking: Corn Bread

Episode 13
Artist: Tim Hus
Trailblazer: John and Oliver Jefferies
Homes of the West: Contway Home
Profile: Willy and The Cassidys
Cooking: Ol’ Ugly Burgers

Season 7

Episode 1
Artist: Audrey Nanimahoo
Trailblazer: Gordon Bell
Profile: John Scott
Cooking: Beans, Beef & Biscuits

Episode 2
Artist: Jody Skinner
Trailblazer: Carl Olson
Profile: Irvin Goodon
Cowboy Way: BC Back Country
Cooking: Potato Salad

Episode 3
Artist: Kim Penner
Trailblazer: Pete Bruised Head
Cowboy Way: Pekisko Group
Cooking: Cowboy Ceilidh Ribs

Episode 4
Trailblazer: George Normand
Homes of the West: MacDonald Home
Destination: Hudson’s Bay Collection
Profile: Reo King
Cooking: Mushroom Rice Casserole

Episode 5
Trailblazer: Elizabeth Greenhow
Homes of the West: Kestral Ridge/Antelope Butte
Cowboy Way: Matador Miniatures
Cooking: Casserole for Shrimps

Episode 6
Artist: Sam Terakedis
Trailblazer: Seager Wheeler
Destination: Cypress Hills Winery
Cowboy Way: FARSHA
Cooking: Parmesan Steak

Episode 7
Artist: Diamond Doug Keith
Life in the West: Bryn Thiessen
Destination: Blackfoot Crossing
Cowboy Way: Working Cowboy School
Cooking: No Bake Pineapple Cheese Pie

Episode 8
Artist: Nathan Pinsent
Trailblazer: Elmer Jamieson
Profile: Sask Grazing Co-Op
Cowboy Way: Hedgeville Farms
Cooking: Mexican Lasagna/Salsa

Episode 9
Artist: Doris Daley
Life in the West: Hugh McLennan
Destination: Warner Stables
Cowboy Way: Old Man on his Back
Cooking: Foil Packet Southwestern Chicken

Episode 10
Artist: Mural Mosaics
Life in the West: Dave Longworth
Ranches of the West: McIntyre Ranch
Cooking: Marg’s Buns

Episode 11
Life in the West: Terri Mason
Homes of the West: Goodon Home/Mann Ranch
Profile: Equilibrium
Cooking: Charlie Russell White Cake

Episode 12
Life in the West: Don Wudel
Ranches of the West: A7 Ranch
Destination: Ya Ha Tinda/Danceland
Cooking: Blueberry Cobbler

Episode 13
Artist: Tommy Hunter
Life in the West: Ben Crane
Cowboy Way: Chief Mountain Study
Cooking: Meat and Cheese Dip

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