Season 1 Contest Winners

M. Campbell won a selection of prizes from Ben Crane.

R. Carroll won a piece of art from artist Kelly McRae.

K. Johnson won a piece of art from Michelle Grant.

V. Adams won a DC Lund print.

R. Henderson, J. Hurt, T. Deley, C. Hollings and S. Minor are the winners of, a CD from Lee Dinwoodie, Spur Straps, and Two pencil drawings courtesy of the Dinwoodie Brothers, and a Kim Taylor Calendar.

B. Frankl won a Hugh McLennan hat, shirt and CD along with a copy of the Cowboy Country Cookbook.

S.Pritchard is the winner of a weekend stay at Lucasia Ranch.
T. Kitchen won a DC Lund print.

R. Huber, F. Mah, G. Spence, J. Magas, L. DeValera are all winners of a Cowboy Trail gift pack.

M. Lumley is the winner of a Cowboy Hat courtesy of Cowboys Choice.

B. Pearson is the winner of a pair of earrings from Silversmith Scott Hardy.

W. Farwell and A. Briggs are the winners of a Corb Lund gift pack, and a Royal Alberta Museum gift pack.

S. Hawkins, D. Rimbey and A. Briggs are each won an Ash Cooper print.

C. Mape is the winner of a John Schnurrenberger print.